Friday, September 26, 2008


Don't these tomatoes look delicious?? I don't even like raw tomatoes but I still think they look pretty mouth watering.

I thought I'd fill you all in on our garden since it's been a looong time since I have. It's mostly done producing except for small but very tasty cantaloupes, misshapen watermelons, peppers, some herbs, and tomatoes.

We've probably used the tomatoes more than anything else in the garden (except maybe potatoes). Robin has this marvelous machine called a "Juice-o-Strainer" which I LOVE because it separates the skin/seeds/stems from the juice/pulp reeeeally easily. It's wonderful. Ya just stick the tomatoes in the top and turn a crank, and out comes a usable tomato product. Some of it we just cooked for a little while and canned to use at tomato juice (we've already had some in chili and vegetable soup), but we've mostly been making tomato sauce.

...and it is soooo good. We haven't really used a recipe. We looked at a few online to get us pointed in the right direction, but didn't follow one in particular. I wish I could give you a recipe because it has been turning out so well... let me see if I can guestimate a bit ;) Please don't actually follow this "recipe" because it might be horrible!!

-A big pot of tomato pulp and juice
-1 onion and a couple sweet peppers diced and sauteed, plus a TBL minced garlic thrown in sautee pan for a few seconds
-1/4 cup olive oil
-1 or 2 TBL sugar
-1/2 TBL salt
-fresh chopped sweet basil
-dried oregano
-chunks of peeled tomatoes (optional... we did this in a couple batches which was nice because it made the sauce extra chunky)
...simmer for hours and hours until it tastes done and is thick-ish.

I don't know if those estimates are anywhere close, but hey, it turned out great so who cares? As Nathan would say, "cooking is an art, not a science." :)

We also put up some pickled peppers a few days ago. We had a whole bunch of banana peppers sitting around and figured we should actually pickle them so people could eat them. I know Nathan likes them on pizza and such. They were very easy but stinky to make. I suggested putting some red peppers in just so they look pretty ;) This is pretty much peppers, garlic, salt, water, and vinnegar.

I hope everyone had a great week. I worked yesterday and today (girls didn't have school because of conferences), and will be working part time for about a week starting Wednesday (new nanny has a wedding to go to). It's the job that never ends!! Haha, I'm not complaining :)

If you haven't noticed, I've been posting a "Today's Awesome Scripture" thingy over there in the right-hand sidebar. I've been working harder on reading my Bible every day ('cause I want answers/wisdom/direction and scripture is one of God's big ways of giving us those things) and have been reading while I eat breakfast. I hope you're enjoying them (they're highlights from my reading)... hope I can keep up the good habit!! Pezmama is gonna keep me in line ;) I'm going to her place to watch Jane Austen (and Jane Austen-esque) movies tonight (and hang out with the kiddies!) while Nathan goes to King's Island with Andrew and company. I also have a bonfire to start for Robin's Sunday School class this evening, and hopefully hot dogs and s'mores to roast. Fun stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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