Saturday, February 28, 2009


We went down to Lebanon early and had lunch at the Full Cup Cafe where Andrew works and hung out there a good long while. We then killed a little time at an antique shop and a chocolate shop :)

The first house we visited (on Mechanic St. in Lebanon) was a disaster. Nothing on that house was straight... everything was warped or broken or breaking... scary!

The second house we visited (which wasn't on my list from the other day. It was in Franklin/Blue Ball.) was actually decent. It had some problems but nothing too scary, and qualifies for the rehab loan. The major negative was the FIVE dogs the neighbors had (3 on one side, 2 on the other) that constantly barked at us while we were outside. They were big dogs too- it was very loud! The funny thing our realtor noticed was that we passed a graveyard and a dead end sign right before the house, and I laughed and said they must be omens... then when we walked into the back yard and the neighbor's shed had the word "Omens" spray-painted on the back... creepy!

The last place we visited (on Bruce in Franklin) had some major major problems and only had 2 bedrooms instead of the advertised 3. Pretty junky. We liked the neighborhood and the back yard though.

As the realtor reminded us and as I keep reminding myself, we just have to be patient and the right house will come along :)
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