Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting for Spring

Nathan's interview went well, and I got to go in to talk to the Primerica folks too. Turns out it's a lot like Mary Kay in that you are technically self-employed and you make money when your clients spend money. It really seems like a good company and we like what they're doing, but it's really not a good fit for Nathan's personality. Looks like it's a no.

Nathan's practicing with the band from Urbancrest for Dust weekend, which is coming up soon! I'm excited.

We're going to see three more houses on Saturday! The first one looks super sweet. We'll see!

I'm getting really excited about starting up the garden this year! I'm ready for spring. Unfortunately I have to wait like two months before the last frost. Bummer.

OK, time for Lost! See ya!
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