Friday, May 22, 2009

16 Weeks

Avocado baby! Nobody tell it I don't do Mexican food at the moment, so guacamole is out of the question. Although I think eating the representation of Baby would be a little weird...

How far along? 16 weeks even
Total weight gain/loss:
Still nothing; maybe a pound. Weird!!
Maternity clothes? Pants.
Sleep: Slightly disrupted because I'm trying not to sleep on my back or stomach, plus I've been having to get up to pee in the early morning.
Best moment this week: My sister-in-law Rachel's excitement over my belly (I think it's more obvious to other people than it is to me)
Food cravings:
Craving of the week is a McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone. Don't know why, but it's been on my mind all week.
Food aversions: Mexican food (and even things associated with it like peppers)
Labor Signs:
None (and let's keep it that way for a good long while)
Belly Button in or out?
In (although shockingly shallow on Wednesday)
What I miss:
Cold lunchmeat sandwiches
What I am looking forward to:
Feeling the baby move for sure, being confident in my bump instead of self-conscious
Not being able to "suck it in" all the way any more

I wasn't going to post these, but since I'm sure many of you are curious, here are a couple belly pictures. The first one was taken at 13 weeks, the second this Wednesday at 15 weeks 5 days. It was taken in the evening so it's pretty much the biggest I've been, but there ya go.

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