Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garage Sale Mania

This morning Robin and I went garage saleing! Last time we went it was the worst garage saleing day ever... junky sales and disappointment. Today started off that way. The first sale we went to didn't exist. And that's never good. The next one was fine (got some cute onesies for a quarter a piece), and the lady there asked us if we were going to the neighborhood sale down the road, and we weren't planning to since it started yesterday and we figured all the good stuff was gone, but it was kind of on our way so we decided to stop by.

And boy am I glad we did!

The first place we went had some really nice things, and I ended up getting a storage unit like this one, which should be ever-so handy.
And a car seat similar to this one. Won't be able to use it right away, but it was in perfect condition and was cheap, so I couldn't resist. Each item was marked $10, but I asked for a "special deal" since I was buying two things and I ended up getting them for $15 together.

We went a few more places, bought some muffins at a bake sale, etc. Then we came to another fantastic sale with immaculate baby items. I loved the infant car seat they had (marked $20), and there were two bases to go with it (marked $10 each). We were almost out of money (not such great planning... ha) so I offered $25 for it all... and she took it!

Looks a lot like the one below.

They also had a beautiful pack-and-play (like a portable crib) marked $20, I offered $10, and got it. We thanked the lady up and down for the great deals.
I actually ended up buying a crib and changing table. I found a pretty set marked $200, I offered $125 and the lady took it without hesitation! I think I immediatly said, "really??" It looks kind of sort of similarish to the one below. A little. I'll post pictures when we eventually set it up.So all in all I spent $175, but if I'd paid the sticker prices for everything I would have spent $280. So I saved $105 just by asking.

It's safe to say it was my best garage saleing day ever.
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