Thursday, June 4, 2009

Picture Post!

We've had a busy couple weeks, and our work is finally picture-worthy! First of all I want to make you all jealous of the strawberries you see above. These grew in our garden. Oh. My. Gosh. Most delicious strawberries ever. It's a wonder we haven't eaten them all yet. If we let them get too ripe on the plants the ants eat them, so I guess we'll have to pick them a little early.

Next is our very exciting painting projects! We painted our bedroom and bathroom lovely bright colors. The bedroom was previously kind of a grayish tanish, and the bathroom was white. I'm really excited to freshen them up! The actual color of the bedroom is actually brighter than in these pictures.

Part of the bedroom makeover project was painting the bedframe, which took waaaaay longer than expected. Priming, spray painting, sanding, priming, spray painting, sanding, spray painting, spray painting... but it's done and it looks great!! It had a pretty finish before but it was SO beat up (plus a piece was detached, which Nathan fixed). I think it looks wonderful. Picture of "before" below.

And the bathroom! ...which we started a really long time ago. Haha! But we finally got it finished. I'm still thinking about painting the trim (I already have the paint) but not sure it looks bad enough to actually get me to do it ;) Love the color!

Can you spot Charlie? He loves licking that spot of the shower... I guess water must gather there. Weird-o.

I wanted to show you my new-ish counter storage. I found these metal planters on the dollar wall at Target and thought they'd be perfect to organize our cluttered counter top. They work great and are much nicer looking than scattered toiletries!

Charlie! He's getting huge. This picture isn't from the last few days either. He's also even more monsterous. I feel bad for the other cats... he attacks them non-stop. I hope he mellows out sooner rather than later... I hope...

I'm adding a new "bump" picture to my 17 Week pregnancy post below. 18 weeks tomorrow! Wow, how time flies.
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