Friday, July 24, 2009


Today Amanda, who I know from church, called me to tell me about a garage sale her friend was having. Her friend had twin baby boys last November, and Amanda and I are both expecting boys this November, so after she found a ton of great deals there she let me know where it was so I could check it out too! THANK YOU, Amanda!

I got some clothes, a cool portable rocking hammock thing, and this glider (sorry about the background... but it's a garage and it's supposed to look like that. I didn't want to haul it outside just to get a pretty picture). Mom and Dad were planning on getting me a glider, but when I saw this one for $25 (well, that was the sticker price ;), including the ottoman, I just couldn't pass up such a deal.

I was thinking when I was considering buying it that the spindles looked similar to the ones on the crib and changing table I have, and when I got home I was thrilled to find that they're pretty much a perfect match!! Below is a detail shot of the glider, followed by one of the changing table. Wow!! ...I'm way too excited about this.

The pads aren't on the glider because I had to take them off to clean the frame... and... because they're 80's-tastic. ;) You can see them in the background of the first detail shot. I'm going to see if I can hire one of the talented ladies at church to cover the pads for me.

By the way, Mom, I am really glad I decided to buy this glider- I'm really really happy with it :D

I can't wait to get the nursery built so I can get everything set up together!! That project should be coming soon!
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