Friday, October 16, 2009

One Month

Yes. I just realized that we have exactly one month 'til the due date. Whoa.

Overall I feel pretty ready/prepared, but that "pretty" is never going to turn into "absolutely." It's not possible... and I'm ok with that. There are a few things I wish we were able to have more ready, especially the nursery, but I'm just going to hope it gets done in time. And even if it doesn't it'll be ok.

The other thing I don't feel "ready" for is Orion's health care situation. We're trying to decide between insurance, self pay (no insurance but small discounts), or state aid. Insurance really isn't the smartest option when we surely qualify for state aid (meaning that we really can't "afford" insurance), but the couple of doctors I've called don't take Medicaid patients, and one doesn't take self pay. Jon suggested today that I get Medicaid first and let them give me a list of my options for doctors. That seems smart. Anyway, I'm pretty overwhelmed trying to figure this out and I should have done it sooner. Blast.

I only have a few things left to buy that I will need right away and I have plenty of gift cards to get those things this week. I got my 10% off registry completion coupon from Target today and am watching for the Babies R Us one to come as well as watching the weekly ads for deals. Overall this baby is pretty well taken care of already! :) Oh, we were given our cradle swing this week which I was really excited about.

Tomorrow we have our Childbirth Preparation class which I'm really looking forward to. Feeling a little more educated/informed always puts me at ease, so that should help my mental state when it's actually time for childbirth. It's all day, so I hope it's worth it! Especially since we have to miss seeing two of Nathan's siblings, Jon and Allie, run a marathon tomorrow morning. Bummer. :( Later this week I also have a Breastfeeding class and a Baby Care class (that's next week too). AND I need to schedule a massage that I got for free when I registered for those classes! YAY! Not to mention lots of baby shopping as I finish up getting the things we need. That should make for a pretty good week.

I promise I'll do a post on our trip to Michigan one of these days! Big, picture-heavy posts always intimidate me so I put them off... haha! Sorry ;) Have a great weekend!
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