Monday, November 2, 2009

38 Weeks, and Halloween!

On Halloween we walked to the little farmer's market across the street and got ourselves pumpkins for a dollar each! We both really like carving them :)

Nathan is a true pumpkin artiste. This year he carved Johnny Sweets, who is a chinchilla detective who loves cinnamon rolls.

I'm not quite that creative. I carved a creepy werewolf creature.

That night our church had its annual harvest festival, and it's a fun excuse to dress up. I painted faces for it, and Nathan tried his darndest to win us a cake in the cakewalk. Nathan, of course, was a Jedi. I was a pumpkin. You could say, The Great Pumpkin. Haha :) Don't know if you can tell, but I had leaves and twisty vines in my hair and drawn on my face.

Afterwords we went to Chipotle. Yes, I went to Chipotle. I didn't say I ATE it, but I went. Nathan got wind of a special deal where if you dress up like a Chipotle burrito on Halloween (or the 4th of July), you get a free burrito. How could we resist?! I gave mine to Grandma and got Wendy's for myself ;)

I love this picture!


How far along? 38 weeks even
Total weight gain/loss: +30 pounds. Yay me ;)

Maternity clothes? Of course
Sleep: So-so.
Best moment this week: Getting pretty much everything else we needed and getting some awesome deals, Seeing major progress on the nursery (I can start painting Wednesday!).
Movement: Oh yes. He's out of room and letting me know it.
Food cravings: We're going to say chocolate, Coca Cola, and Frozen Cokes. And chocolate sugar wafers. Not that I don't crave most of those things when not pregnant.
Food aversions: Mexican food (especially Chipotle)
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Stretched into oblivion
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly, being comfortable, having clothes that fit, my wedding rings
What I am looking forward to:
Having an outside baby, nursery getting finished
Milestones: I'm having a baby THIS MONTH.

A couple people told me I looked like I'd dropped this week, but I think I look exactly the same :P
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