Friday, November 6, 2009

Orion's Place

Orion's room is finished!! We painted Tuesday-Thursday, and arranged and decorated the nursery last night. I am SO excited and relieved to have it done. Well, actually, it's not done... there's no door. Haha! Anyway, here it is. I got the wall letters at Hobby Lobby- I love the font. I ordered the crib mobile but it hasn't arrived yet. I'll post more pictures when we get it :)

Sorry about the funky lighting in these pictures... I took some last night and some today and attempted to make everything look decent... this is the drawback of being underground!

The changing table, which came with the crib. I'm going to see if I can get two more baskets since there's room behind the diaper stacker. I think the changing table is really pretty.

The glider that I re-covered! If I had to do it again I would have chosen a more neutral fabric, but the hippos are very cute. I sewed loops onto the back of the quilt that came with the bedding so we could hang it on the wall (props to Nathan for all the measuring he did to make sure everything we hung on the walls was centered and level :).

There will eventually be a door where there is currently a hole on the far left. I think we're going to hang the maternity pictures that are sitting on the shelf on the wall... we were just too tired to do it last night! The plastic containers by the hamper will eventually be used for cloth diapering purposes, but right now they're homeless.

We really lucked out with all the matching wood. The only pieces that actually belong together are the crib and changing table, but most of the furniture in the room is exactly the same color. The swing will not be living in the nursery, but we had a sad empty corner that needed to be filled ;)

Since we don't have a closet in the nursery we have most of Orion's clothes in the dresser, but rigged up this shelf with a bar so we could hang some things up too! I love how it came out.

Guess who thinks it's his room... this is Charlie's new favorite place to sleep. Oh, kitty.

I'm so excited :)
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