Friday, November 13, 2009


That's right, ours is the house with the blue door. And... two doorknobs. Apparently there were some technical difficulties when our new door (a the foot of the stairs) was being installed. I think they're replacing the top knob with either a deadbolt or some kind of plate. I hope. We decided since we needed to paint the new door anyway we'd choose a fun color, so we used some of the blue we had leftover from the bathroom. We love our happy new blue door :)

The nursery door and trim are installed! We even managed to get them painted. We also repainted a few other things (a wall and some trim) that were looking icky and they look SO nice and clean. I wish it wasn't such a huge project to paint the rest of our living room, because it really needs it!! Maybe eventually.

The nursery is officially FINISHED! We are so excited to have it done. And it looks great! Now all we need is for Orion to stop being so stubborn... but have you met his parents?! Ha ha ;)
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