Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 weeks, and "ow, my shins!"

My little buddy is 7 weeks old today! I was so thrilled- he actually smiled for the camera! That's my little ham. I have a stinkin' adorable baby.

Today was actually really rough. I was trimming his nails this morning and I clipped his finger. I felt AWFUL and cried right along with him. He was inconsolable for the first half of the day and cried himself to sleep at least twice. I had a photographer here to take his picture today but we ended up having to reschedule because he was just too unhappy. He's never cried so much in his life. Poor fella. Thankfully, after a long nap on his papa he felt much better. ...and I did too, since I also took a nap ;) I'm very thankful Nathan came home early today.

Additionally, we apparently make too much money to be on Medicaid. I was shocked. Below the poverty line, but not enough below...? We missed the mark by just a few hundred dollars. Orion did get on some kind of program, but not Nate and me. Meh. I am extra thankful that I'm on Christian Healthcare Ministries and will get all but $500 of my money back. Just have to make a bunch of phone calls and start writing checks.

OK, enough of that! Look! Happy baby!!

Today, in Couch-to-5K...

I made it through another day! I went 1.3ish miles. It was as hard, if not harder, than last time. I really wanted to give up, but I'm proud to say that I didn't! My shins and calves hurt pretty much the whole time and I had to stop for a few seconds now and then to stretch. I definitely felt good about myself when I finished :)

Here are the stats:
Current weight: 139
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost: 1
Pounds left 'til goal: 24

(ok, so I probably didn't actually lose a pound, but hey! That's what the scale said! I'll take it!)

I got my running clothes yesterday (yay gift cards!)! I was so excited- haha :) I even got shoes. I got the same kind Allie got because she's a runner and knows her stuff, plus we both have high arches and that's hard to accommodate. They're Asics. The arch supports are awesome. I figured if I'm going to run I'd better get shoes that won't destroy my feet since they're not great as it is.

I looked up some 5K races in my area for April or May. Allie wants to run one with me :) Hoping I can do it!!

IN OTHER NEWS, Nathan completed his application for Grad School (he's applying for the Masters of English, Creative Writing program at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.) and I'm mailing it out tomorrow. Fingers crossed. But hey, if he doesn't get in we'll just know it's God saying that's not where Nathan's supposed to be. We don't want another seminary fiasco ;)

Hope you're all staying warm- there's a lot of snow here! If you're anything like me you're counteracting all that exercise with a big mug of hot cocoa. Ha!
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