Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feel the burn

Ooooh, I feel it alright. Wow, that one hurt. Thursday's shin and calf pain (!) was joined by hip pain today. Joy! I really wanted to give up, or at least slow down. BUT I didn't! You're going to keep hearing that until I'm done with this program... haha!

I actually sped up this time... I ran 5mph instead of the 4mph that I'd been running after talking to Allie. I think 4 is too slow- I felt more like I was lumbering than running. 5 was obviously harder to keep up with (and harder to regulate breathing with), but I think it will be easier on my joints once I get the hang of it. Because of the speed-up I went 1.5 miles today! :)

I really feel fine AFTER I run... it's just the running itself that hurts.

Here are the stats:
Current weight: 137.8
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost: 2.2
Pounds left 'til goal: 22.8

Heck yes I'm going to count every measly decimal!!

I forgot to mention that I also did yoga the other day. I have some DVDs that I love and used to do all the time, so I figured I'd supplement with yoga on some days when I don't run. I have a video that focuses on abs... I think I'd better dust off that one ;)
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