Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Wise Day 1 Recap

We've gotten through a day and a night of the Baby Wise program. Yesterday was pretty hard for me. The first couple times I put Orion down for a nap I went in to comfort him every 20 minutes and picked him up and calmed him down, and that would get him to sleep. But then we realized that defeated the whole purpose of letting him cry it out; he needs to learn to comfort himself and fall asleep without my help. So after that we let him cry without picking him up at all for up to an hour each time. We allow ourselves to go in and rub his tummy, give him his pacifier, and say a soothing "it's alright," then leave. Once it took exactly an hour before he gave up, but the other times it didn't take quite that long.

At bed time we swaddled him and laid him down and it only took 10 minutes of crying for him to fall asleep! He slept for an hour, then woke up to eat, then fell asleep immediately. Then awake at 1:30, ate, fell asleep. 4:30 woke up, ate, fell asleep. He woke up crying at 5ish, and I let him cry for a few minutes then did the rub his tummy, paci, "it's ok," and he fell asleep! He slept until 6:30, woke up crying, and I let him cry until a bit after 7 and then got up with him.

He went down for his first nap today at around 8:15 without a fight! I was surprised. He was sleepy but awake but I didn't hear him until around 9. I let him cry until 9:30 since that was meal time. He's about to go down for nap 2 so we'll see how that goes!

I don't think I mentioned that he's doing all this sleeping in his crib! I really want to get him out of the swing because that's just going to be a hard habit to break if we don't get him out of it soon. Plus I'm sick of buying batteries :P

Weeell... he's a-crying already. Wish us luck!!!

**Update: Wow... it only took him about 10 minutes to go to sleep! Let's hope he's a fast learner and it's going to stick!**
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