Monday, February 15, 2010

Roll over, boy!

Orion has discovered the joy of batting at objects! He hasn't really liked his bouncer seat lately, but Robin and Larry put him in it the other day and he was suddenly fascinated with hitting the hanging toys. It's fun.

He also rolled over both yesterday and today! From his tummy to his back. And he's holding his head way up high at a 90 degree angle when he's on his tummy. That's my big boy!

We went to visit the family I used to nanny for on Saturday and it was fun to see how the girls interacted with him. They even gave him his very first Valentine :) Awww.

Orion stayed in the nursery at church for the first time Sunday! They had to call me a couple times (they have those buzzers like you get at restaurants), but it was nice to not have to worry about him so I could pay attention myself. Then during the evening service he went the whole time without needing me! Yay!

I was going to get him weighed at the doctor today and see if he's on track with the growth charts, but it's snowing yet again! The roads are nasty, so we stayed home. He's still a skinny little thing, but he's definitely growing. Got a little bit of chub in his face and thighs... just a little. I'm not exactly worried because I know he's healthy and happy, but I don't want him to be too skinny! He's still getting formula a few times a week when I'm gone or napping or whatever. We'll see.


Couch-to-5K is going well. I just ran two sets of 8 minutes!! I was actually surprised- I didn't think I could do it... haha! It was very hard, but I did it! Next time I'm supposed to run two miles without stopping... gulp.

I also took my measurements tonight to compare with last month. I was shocked to find out that I've lost 3 inches from my waist and one from my hips! Also half an inch from my thigh and a quarter inch from my upper arm. Wow. I was not expecting that!! That's good motivation to keep going if anything is!

Orion is crying and needs some help going to sleep. Have a good night!
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