Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Adventurous Weekend

This weekend we decided to surprise my mom for her birthday and drive up to visit! She and Dad were surprised and excited to see us (but of course ;) and we all had a really nice weekend. We went out for lunch on Mom's birthday, but spent the rest of the time just relaxing together. Orion was in a really good mood most of the time which was a great bonus. As you can see he's determined to crawl by four months.

Very happy to see Nana! (we brought this sheep skin home from my parents' house. It's older than me! They used it when my brothers and I were babies. Charlie the cat is obsessed with it... ha!)

Just hangin' with Papa and Grandpa. I thought this was super cute.

On Monday we headed out and made a detour to Indiana Wesleyan University to visit Allie and Rachel. It was really fun hanging out. We ate in their very nice cafeteria, played games, and stayed to watch Chuck. Hopefully we can make it up a couple more times this year.

Little Man and his Aunt Allie bundled up for the cold

We must have worn Orion out this weekend because he seriously slept ALL DAY yesterday (which NEVER happens) and most of the day today. I hope he gets back to his happy self soon... not that he's been unhappy really, just very very tired! Poor little guy!


I finished week four of Couch-to-5K last night! I didn't finish my running on Saturday so I had to repeat it, and I allowed myself extra long walking breaks, but hey, I did all the running I was supposed to so I'm OK with that!! Nathan said "you did more work than you needed to" since I walked so much. Haha- good way to look at it. Plus I found out I was running on an incline at the end, so I get bonus points.

Here are the stats:
Current weight: 133.2
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost this week: 0.6
Total weight lost: 6.8
Pounds left 'til goal: 18.2

So... I cheated and weighed myself a few times the last couple days, and the numbers were all over the place, so I picked the lowest one. HA! I never saw a number over 135 though, so that's good, right? :P It's hard when the time I've weighed myself all along is about 10pm on Wednesday night, and my class at church is at 7pm. It was canceled today (we have lots of snow!), but usually I just have to wait to report my weight loss until the next week because I don't weigh until after class. Bad planning on my part I guess!

I need to figure out a way to NOT sit around all day! I need to figure out something to do with myself. And maybe get out the Moby wrap so Orion can do it with me. I've got a headache from watching too much TV! I had to get out my glasses. So pathetic. What to do, what to do...
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