Thursday, April 29, 2010

Many little things

Well, I figure it's about time to update even though I don't have a whole lot to say! I haven't even taken many pictures lately, so here's a recent one from my phone that I haven't posted yet... haha.

I planted the garden a few days ago, so hopefully we'll start growing something other than weeds soon! I think the manure we put in came with a lot of weeds... there's a TON of those pokey ones in the middle of the garden. I should probably get out there and pull them... :/ **update: weeds pulled! I'm already doing better than last year. Ha!**

Orion WAS sleeping pretty well at night, but the last two nights have been kind of rough. I think I need to do some more research into ways to get him to sleep better/longer. You'd think he'd be consistent by now.

He has been happier longer hanging out by himself in his jumper or under his play gym which is nice! He's doing better sitting up too, so I want to keep working with him so he'll be able to do it alone before long. I can't believe he's coming up on 6 months already!!

Some of you may remember that the bedding I originally picked for Orion was rocket ships but it was too expensive so we chose something else. Well look what Target just came out with:
Ugh! Of course! As soon as I don't need it anymore they get exactly what I wanted for the same price as what I ended up getting! Sigh. Not that I don't like what I have- I do- I'm just bummed they came out with my ideal bedding JUST too late. They do have it for a toddler bed though, so I guess if anyone wants to buy way way ahead they could get it for when Orion moves out of his crib... haha!

I finally finished my thank you cards from my big church baby shower! I got carpal tunnel right after the shower so it hurt to write, then had a newborn, then was just overwhelmed about writing 75 LATE thank you cards! I'm pretty embarrassed to be sending them so late, but hey, better late than never (I hope!). I know there are a few gifts I got a long time after the shower that didn't get written down and there were a few more that didn't come with cards so I don't know who they were from so unfortunately those poor people won't get cards :( Now I have to go buy lots and lots of stamps...

Allie graduates college on Saturday so we're going to IWU Friday night with the family for the Baccalaureate and then going to graduation and moving the girls home Saturday.

In weight loss news...
Here are the stats:
Current weight: 126
Goal weight: 115
Weight lost this week: 1.2
Total weight lost: 13.8
Pounds left 'til goal: 11

Hey! I actually lost a good amount this week! I really didn't expect to lose anything since I haven't been doing great at eating right, but I guess I have been running more. I'm going to be excited when I only have 10 pounds left :)

I'm a little bit behind on my running schedule because I ran a different place the last couple times and it threw me off with using a pedometer instead of the marked track. Hopefully I'll be able to do at least 2 1/4 miles tomorrow... wish me luck!

Sounds like O's waking up from his nap, so gotta go!
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