Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Months and already asking for the keys

While Orion and I have been visiting my parents I think he's been just a little spoiled... what with the driving around Italian sports cars and such... although I don't know how he manages without being able to reach the peddles...

While he hasn't been showing off for the camera Orion has had kind of a lousy week. His ear infection last Sunday really knocked him out... he ran a fever (which got up to 103.7 at one point- scary!!) until today when I think (fingers crossed) it finally broke for good. But tonight he was SOOO grumpy... he seemed incredibly angry and I don't know why. Over-tired? Shouldn't be- he slept a ton today. Hurting somewhere? I wish he could tell me! We're both just tired and frustrated and so ready for him to feel better. If you think of him please pray that he feels better!

On the plus side, he has been sleeping without being swaddled all week (didn't say he slept well, but hey... I guess I don't mind sharing my bed too much... heh). He's sitting up great, rolling over easily, and I'm just waiting for him to figure out how to crawl. He usually devours baby food at least twice a day, but of course being sick has thrown him off a little. I'm just thankful that he devours his medicine!

Oh, and he was weighed at the hospital on Sunday: 15 lbs, 3 oz. So exactly a pound gained since his 6 month appointment :) He feels so heavy... can't imagine lugging him around in a few months.

I may add the customary "sitting on the couch" picture to this post later.

...well, he won't have to ask for the keys anymore... Grandma bought him his very own car. Red, just like Grandpa's.
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