Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rough day

bandaged and medicated

Since about 5am Orion has been very unhappy. He kept making pathetic little noises and could hardly keep his eyes open and had a fever. At first I thought it might just be a combination of gas and teething, but it seemed to get worse throughout the day instead of better. He was just totally inconsolable and obviously miserable.

I wasn't sure what to do since it's Sunday and regular doctor offices are closed, but eventually decided that we really needed to see a doc right away. So we went to the ER at the local hospital here in Napoleon. Thankfully they saw us right away and the staff was super nice. They wanted to take blood cultures to make sure there wasn't something else/worse wrong, but the poor boy wouldn't bleed! He got poked with needles three times in the arm and once in the heel before they finally got enough.

Everything came back fine, and the doc said his right ear was red inside and that he has a middle ear infection (that was my guess- my mom said my mama instincts were right on track). They gave him ibuprofen and antibiotics and he already seems to feel much better and his fever is down. He's in bed now, and I hope he can sleep well tonight! He had a very rough day.

And now a happy picture to make up for all the not-so-happy news:

that's one way to carry a baby... good thinking papa
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