Monday, July 12, 2010

All Better

Orion's favorite face... huff puff huff puff... I'll have to post a video. It's hilarious.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our health. We had quite an adventure! Orion was sick (with a fever) for just under a week. He had an ear infection, but I believe he had a virus in addition to that. Also diaper rash. He was really miserable and I'm so glad he's all better!!

As soon as he got better I got really sick. I got some kind of flu-like virus (my dad did too)... it was awful. Horrible muscle aches, dizziness, fever, gastro-intestinal issues, sore throat, etc. My fever actually got up to 104.1 at one point... you're supposed to go to the hospital at that point... so that was pretty scary. Thankfully I got better soon after that, but it took me a good long while to completely recover.

We're all well now, thank goodness! Nathan had a good trip to Haiti (he mostly worked construction), and I had a good visit with my parents. Allie just left yesterday for Nashville and started her new job at Vanderbilt today. I think we're helping her move into her apartment next week.

I did a ton of garage saleing this weekend which is always fun and exhausting! I got lots of great deals, of course!

I'll give you more of an update on what Orion is up to in a week for his 8 month post :)

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