Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gone away

Well, Nathan has flown off to Haiti (along with most of his family and a bunch of people from church). He has been able to post a couple little things on Facebook... enough to tell us that he's safe and sound, which is good enough for me! I'll make sure he writes about his experience when he gets home.

While everyone else is in Haiti I'm visiting my parents. Yesterday they took me home with them and then in the afternoon we got to see my dad's family. Orion and I went swimming which he LOVED- he kicked around way more than he has before in a pool. He got passed around to the whole family, of course, and showed off his crazy jumping skills. He is truly gifted. He got to play with my cousin's daughter, Callie, and they talked and sat together for a long time. Here they are sharing a book.

This morning he woke up very very unhappy and with a fever... it scared me because I've never seen him so out of it. He kept making these pitiful little noises and couldn't keep his eyes open. He eventually started acting better and I think his fever is dropping. He's napping right now so I hope he sleeps really well and wakes up feeling better. Poor little buddy. We think it was a combination of gas and teething... hope we're right and he's not actually sick!!

Happy Father's Day to all you papas out there! I get to spend the day with mine :)
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