Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Months

Orion is 10 months old... a few days ago... :) We've been running around like crazy lately, so sorry about all the late posts!

Orion has been very busy lately, learning lots of new things and getting into everything! He's ALWAYS standing up, and has even started "cruising" a bit. There's nothing he can't pull himself up on. This picture is of the very first time I found him standing up in his crib! He's been crawling on his knees a lot... but he still army crawls sometimes too.

He is finally sleeping well pretty consistently. I stopped feeding him at night last week and I think that was a good move. IF he gets up at all, it's usually just once and he goes back to sleep easily with his paci and music from Scout the puppy. It's nice :)

Giving O a bath feels a lot like wrestling! He does NOT want to sit/lay/stand still! Sigh. This was his first bath in the sink. I thought it would be easier. It wasn't.

Orion has SIX teeth (soon to be seven I think) and likes to eat everything he can get his hands on. He can handle almost any kind of "real food," so he's sharing our meals more and more. In just a couple months he'll be done with formula and move on to milk!

Orion is learning to wave, point, and just today has started clapping! He likes knocking over towers of blocks, dancing to music, hitting stuff, and chasing balls/blocks/two liter bottles of pop across the room. He still loves kitties. He also still loves being in the nursery at church and isn't at all shy... even though Mama is his favorite :)

He's going on his first camping trip on Friday night... we're going to see his Aunt Rachel and we're taking the pop-up camper to stay in ($12 a night, baby!). I hope he likes it and isn't up all night!!

My sweet baboo is growing up so fast and getting smarter and stronger every day! I wonder where he'll be next month!
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