Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This week in videos

Orion has had a very busy week!! This week he got his 7th tooth, learned to wave, learned to clap, and is working on learning to point! Go O!

He LOVES to clap along with people... it's so cute! Here's my favorite video of the week- Orion clapping with his daddy.

This video was taken immediately after Orion waved for the first time prompted by the words "bye-bye!" Now he'll even wave on his own when someone is leaving the room sometimes... smart boy! Super cute :)

Orion has had the stairs mastered for a while, but I hadn't posted a video yet! He can go both up and down the two stairs in the living room comfortably by himself, and he can go up any staircase easily (closely supervised of course). Larry even said he went down a big staircase at church. He's definitely daring!!

Orion did a great job camping Friday night- he slept great! Rachel also camped with us and we had a great time seeing her. Allie is going to visit in October so we're looking forward to that too :)

SonFest (a music festival) is Saturday and we're taking a bunch of the youth so that should be fun! We're also going to start doing music before youth group tonight and I'm really hoping it goes over well.

Alright, O wants some mama time so I'm gotta go! Have a great week :)
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