Friday, September 17, 2010

Romance and Adventure

Romance novels, that is. No, it's not what you think!! I promise you I didn't read any of them... no thank you.

My friend Kayla is working at a new bookstore (a lot like Half Price Bookstore, but prettier :) called Chapters. They opened today, so Nathan and I went in yesterday to help with the last minute scramble to get everything ready! Nathan did some odd jobs including working on some cool old chairs (he removed the icky old fabric from the underside, which we're also going to replace next week). Kayla and I had the overwhelming task of organizing the books from three of the biggest romance novel authors.

These are the books from just one of the authors (below). Looking at them all jumbled on the shelves was so confusing so we pulled them off, stacked them by book (there were several copies of most of them), then reshelved them by series and alphabet. Whew!!


After! So pretty :) I think the series all have labels on the shelves now too!

After that we went to Andrew's for dinner, then he, Cliff, and we went out Geocaching (what else?). Andrew's the one who introduced us to Geocaching, which I so rudely failed to mention in my last entry. We mostly stayed in a park in Lebanon. One of the caches was supposed to be really big and have a lot of cool stuff in it, so we started hunting! OK, now picture being in a woods something like this... the dark. With HUGE sheer cliffs and MOUNTAINS popping up out of nowhere now and then. Whaaaat?? Needless to say, it was quite an adventure. We ended up finding it though, and it was really cool. And then of course we found out that there was a MUCH easier way to get there. Hm. Oh well, we really did have fun :)

I also found this!

It's a Geocoin, which I didn't know existed until Andrew showed me one yesterday. There are lots of different kinds, but this is the specific one that I found yesterday. It's got a tracking number on it that you enter online when you find it, so you can see where it's been! This one started in North Carolina and its desired destination is British Columbia. I think that's pretty darn cool :) We're going to take it with us when we visit Rachel in Indiana next weekend and drop it off in another Geocache.

Tonight I have Late Night Girls Night with my friend Amanda and some other ladies (wooo!), then tomorrow is the Twins sale (like the Moms' Market), some kind of mysterious half-birthday surprise for me (!), and Parents' Night Out (Youth ministry activity. We're helping.). Sunday is Church, a scavenger hunt at Jungle Jim's with our Sunday School class, church again. BUSY!!!
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