Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I can't believe it's been so long since I posted... the past month FLEW by!! I guess we've just been really busy.

Well, there's a cute picture of my boys for you, but Orion turns 10 months in a few days and will get a post all to himself then, so that's all you get of him for now ;)

My friend Kayla's birthday was on August 23 and I planned a surprise grand adventure (all for cheap or free :)! Kayla, Nathan, Rachel, Orion and I all spent the day exploring together.

my phone's camera is dying...

The first place we went was a butterfly house at the Hamilton County Park District in Cincinnati. There were actually more chrysalises than butterflies, but it was really cool anyway. The place also had a cool splash pad that left us wishing we had brought our bathing suits! But we did swing on the swings at the playground.

Next we went to Ohio's only handicap accessible public treehouse in Mt. Airy Forest. I was worried that it would be lame but it was actually super cool! It was a really awesome treehouse. We also went for a hike and swung on the swings at the playground and made friends with a little girl. She was MAD when we left... ha!

We were going to go miniature golfing on the way home but when we passed Jungle Jim's we all agreed that we'd stop there instead! Jungle Jim's is a humongous international market that's full of crazy, fun food. We pretty much just wandered around until Orion told us it was his bed time. Then we went home for a late dinner and birthday cupcakes. It was a very fun day!

We have a new hobby! It's called Geocaching and it's awesome. Even though we're pretty bad at it :P So... there's millions of "caches" hidden all over the world... maybe even next door to you! Yep, there's on in the cemetery next door to us. Most of them are small, like a film canister. We found one that was the size of a Puffs container. There are even some that are huge. Look on the website and enter your zip code or address and see the crazy number near you! You enter the coordinates in your GPS, follow it until you're "there," then, using the hints given, start hunting! There could just be a log inside for you to sign and date, or there could be little trinkets and goodies inside (we found a toy dinosaur and an army patch, and left a fortune cookie fortune and a nickle). If you take something make sure you leave something. We've had some GPS issues, but it's fun to treasure hunt anyway. Give it a try! ...and I want to come.

I finally got a hair cut!! I've been wanting to do it for so long and finally did. I love it! Sorry about the lousy pic... it's asymmetrical and longer in the front and shorter in the back. She also thinned it a lot so it lays better. Hurray!

Nathan is doing a great job teaching Sunday School, we're getting ready for some activities with the youth, we've started painting/decorating the youth room, I'm hoping to do a 5K in October (need to start training waaaay harder!)... many many plans! We're busy! Much of it the past week has been spending time with friends which has been awesome :) I'm happy to just relax today though!

Expect another post soon about little O!
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