Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big O Update 2011

OK, life has been CRAZY the last few weeks and I feel like I really need to update you on Orion! The last time I posted anything about him was on his birthday a month and a half ago and I didn't even get to pics of his party!! So here they finally are...

We just had a little "party" with family... dinner, cake, and presents... so pretty much you just get pictures of O and his cake :) Nathan and I made him a rocket ship cake for the big "1," and I'm pretty happy with how it came out! The frosting we got was kind of hard to work with so it's not as perfect as I wanted, but hey, it's really cute anyway :)

We just let him dig right in. He shoveled it in, of course! My boy loves his sweets.

The aftermath. Bath time immediately followed, of course.

Pretty soon after that (and after thanksgiving... gosh, it has been a long time...) we started gearing up for Christmas. Here's Orion and his daddy in their Christmas best... AWWW...

This is the day we went out with the whole Lambes clan to pick out a Christmas tree. Orion and his cousin, Ellie, rode together in a sled and they both LOVED it. O kept eating snow :P

We got family pictures done while everyone was here, and while we were at it I got some of O for his first birthday. I was so thrilled I actually got him to laugh!!

OK, now that the pictures are out of the way, here are some more things he's up to:

- He's WALKING!! He started a few weeks ago and he's a pro now. He just learned to stand up without holding on to something on Christmas or maybe the day after. But he's always on the go, running around. Super cute :)

-He has 10 teeth. He got both bottom molars in the week or two before Christmas. No sign of the top two.

-We've determined that he's said his first word... "kitty!" Haha, no kidding. Extra funny: he said it in reference to our friends' bunnies... apparently he thought they were kitties. Ha! He can also say "ball" without the l's, and of course Mama and Dada... but not sure he knows what they mean.

-He's obsessed with drinking anything he can gets his hands on, especially out of a regular cup.

-Nathan says need to mention how obstinate he is... haha! He knows the things he's not supposed to do and does them anyway, and when he gets in trouble he gets mad, of course. He's definitely thrown a couple temper tantrums the last few days which is NOT good. Oh dear...

-New tricks: signing "all done/gone," making the touchdown sign/throwing his hands in the air, gasping, "give it to mama," "come here." Working on "clean up" ;)

Generally he's doing great. He has his grumpy days and his good days, but usually he's happy with just exploring, playing, chasing the cats, dragging things around the house. He usually sleeps great at night, and naps are usually good but the last couple days not so much. You know how it is. But he's a really good, fun baby, so I can't really complain.

Well it's past my bedtime, but I hope you enjoyed the REAL post!! Have a fabulous night... or day :)
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