Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Saturday Afternoon Post

-Orion is getting his top molars AND has a cold. Nathan has a really bad cold and I think I'm getting it. It's been a rough couple days.

-I forgot to mention a couple of new things he's learned to do. He gives "snuggles" - lays his head on my chest and sometimes even pats me on the back. I'm SO excited he'll finally snuggle me. He also blows kisses sometimes :)

-Orion is having a minor medical procedure done on Tuesday the 11th at 7:30 am, so if you think of him please pray for him (and me ;)

-I have felt the baby move a lot the last few evenings which is super awesome. Heard its heartbeat at the doctor Thursday- 150 bpm.

-Since Nathan's sick I think I'm teaching Sunday School tomorrow... eep! I'm very nervous.

-We're going out with Andrew tonight to Matera (new cafe in Franklin... by New York New York... haha) for brick oven pizza!!

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