Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Life of Orion in Fuzzy Cell Phone Pics

Using Aunt Allie as a stool to see out the window

I've accumulated quite a few pictures of Orion already this month, and oddly enough they're all- you guessed it- cell pone pics. Many of them fuzzy. Remember when my phone used to take really good pictures? I do. It was before Orion had teeth.


Orion and I spent a loooong time the other day watching a backhoe working. Actually, we were watching its arm. It was behind a mound of dirt. He was completely fascinated though. I decided to put him in the stroller and get a closer look, but it had stopped by the time we got over there. We made some new friends on our walk though :P And it was running again when we came back. And I also learned how very out of shape I am... our little walk made my legs hurt!!

Snuggling his kitty. Awwww...

Bubble beard!

Escalators are SO COOL.


Sleeping on Grandma

Looking out the window with Charles

New words:
-Book (allegedly... I haven't heard it)
-Juice (sort of) / Drink (sort of)

Other new stuff:
His favorite new thing to do is bring me his coat and pretend to start to put his arm in, then run away. I say "hey!" and he laughs like crazy. Any time I say "hey!" is hilarious. I'm very funny.

He was sick last week but is feeling much better now :) He is even taking longer naps! And eating a little more! Hurray!
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