Friday, April 8, 2011

Abuncha Pictures

This one is from the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention I went to last weekend with Amanda and Melanie! I think this is from when we were waiting to hear Michelle Duggar speak. We went to some really good sessions (Pretty sure Michelle's was my favorite), but really I just had a great time hanging out, staying up late talking, and having some quality girl time :)

This is from today... Orion actually just fell asleep in Nathan's arms! Awwww. That happens so rarely, it was really sweet. He even stayed asleep when Nate put him down in his crib and slept for almost 2 hours!

I just thought this was so funny. Orion LOVES Charles, and thankfully Chuck is really good with him. I think O laid down on the floor just because Charles was :P

This is my favorite recent picture... it's just such a nice smile! I wanted to get him a baseball hat for this summer and was so excited to find a Perry the Platypus one!'s from a show called Phineas and Ferb... if you haven't seen it you're missing out.

Guess who has started climbing. Sigh. This is my little monkey. And he wants to climb on chairs all the time...

Look who has a fancy new playset! A family from our church moved away and said we could have their old playset. It's overall really nice... Nathan has to rebuild a section of it with some random pieces that used to be part of it, but hopefully that won't be too difficult. I think O likes being up in his tower.

Another recent favorite. I think he was drumming on the floor.

We spent most of yesterday playing outside... in the dirt. Yeah, he pretty much just sat in the dirt and dug around forever. This kid is going to have a killer immune system.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! All is well here... I'm babysitting tomorrow morning, then we have a youth event tomorrow night. I just scheduled our last ultrasound for Tuesday, so hopefully I can post pictures from that. All next week we have rehearsals and performances for the "Resurrection Celebration," or Easter musical, at church. I... really need to work on learning the words to a couple of songs ;) Have a great week!
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