Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Car Wash, Battle Scars, and Couponing

Yep, putting this child to work. He learned to wash the car last week.

Helping Grandpa scrub the car. That spot got very very clean.

You see this face? This is what trouble looks like.

Tonight Orion got a manly wound. Lots of blood and everything. He's going for the Harrison Ford look. Nathan told me to say O did it with a bull whip...

He's a tough little guy and only cried for a couple minutes... Boz and a drink make everything better.

Today, in Adventures in Couponing:


Oral B: 1.99 (I discovered I looove floss picks! So much better than the regular stuff. So I bought more while I had the coupons.)
S coupon (didn't work for some reason!! Not happy to discover this!)
M coupon (.75 doubled to limit) -1.00

Kikkoman Soy Sauce: 1.99
S coupon -0.55
M coupon (.55 doubled to limit) -1.00

Always: 2.99
S coupon -0.50
M coupon (.75 doubled to limit) -1.00

Tax: 0.28

Grand Total = $3.20
(Saved $4.45. 60%)


Nexcare Kids' Bandages: 1.68 (on sale)
S coupon -1.00
M coupon -0.55
= $0.13

Pretty excited about that one :)

I'm glad I'm blogging about this stuff just because it makes me do the math and see the mistakes I/the store/whoever made! I had no idea my Kroger coupon for the floss picks didn't work til now. No idea why it didn't work either unless you can only use it once...? But I'd think it would disappear from my coupons online if that was so. It's a mystery...
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