Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Month Old!

Desmond is one month old already!? Wow! Four weeks I could handle, but one month is just too crazy.

I stopped into the doctor's office to have him weighed a few days ago- he's already a little over 9 lbs! I'm paranoid about him not gaining enough weight since Orion was underweight when he was little, so I'm keeping a close eye on this one! He's following the growth curve so far, so that's good!! Back to the doc in a month. He already moved up to size 1 diapers and I think he's going to need to be moved to 0-3 clothing soon!

He goes to the specialist tomorrow to check out his tongue (he's a bit tongue tied), so hope that goes well!

We spent the weekend visiting my family in Napoleon! We haven't been up there in months so it was nice to be home for a couple days. Orion had a BLAST playing cars and reading with his Grandpa and Nana... he never stopped playing the whole weekend.

Snuggling with Uncle Andy

Haha, this is our ghetto diaper. One of the tabs broke off and I didn't just want to throw it away, so Nathan taped it together. Ha!

The boys' first bath together! Immediately before this picture Desmond pooped all over me and the floor as I was carrying him to the tub. He pooped on me again the next day. And peed on me three times over the weekend. Orion has peed on me maybe four times EVER... Desmond has already done it probably a dozen times. Everybody has talents I guess...

This is Desmond's bed... otherwise known as his car seat. With a blanket in it. Last night he would not sleep in it, but is napping in it now... hm. He usually does really well at night but last night was really rough... pretty sure I slept for over an hour sitting up. Heh.

Nap time! As much as I wish Des would consistently sleep in his own bed I do love napping with my babies. I miss napping with O!

Today is hopefully going to continue to be a lazy day at our house. I need a nap!
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