Thursday, August 18, 2011

All smiles

Desmond is learning to smile! He's especially happy right after he wakes up... if you lay him on the floor and lay with him and give him a big smile he'll smile right back. Sooo cute :)

Brothers! These are the adorable matching outfits my friend Amanda got for them. This is Orion being "nice." I promise Des isn't crying even though it kinda looks like it here :P I could not get Orion to pose for a picture.

Quick Orion update: he knows all of his letters and can count to five. Wow. He's so big...

More smiles from the little guy!

Look how strong he's getting! I was surprised how high he could lift his head when lying on his tummy. He's ready to take off and chase his brother.

Desmond slept eight hours straight last night!! I can't imagine that he'll do it again any time soon, but it was so surprising and amazing! I got more uninterrupted sleep than usual so I felt way more rested today than I expected. Des is still sleeping in his car seat for both night time and naps. Sometimes he goes down easily and sometimes he really fights. Thankfully he goes right back to sleep after eating during the night. Amaaaazing :)

Nathan, Desmond, and I got back yesterday from camping with the youth group for 3 nights in Hocking Hills. We are soooo worn out! My legs are really sore from all the hiking we did and Nathan is just exhausted from working so hard. It was a fun trip though and I think the kids enjoyed it. Desmond was so good... he slept a ton and was a good hiking buddy.

It has been a crazy couple weeks so hopefully we find some time to relax soon! Sorry for the lack of info in this post, but at least I gave you pictures! ;)

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