Monday, October 31, 2011

Prayers please (with updates)

Please pray for my good friend Amanda Rust and her family. Her youngest son Benjamin had an appt with an eye doctor this morning for a possible lazy eye. Instead the eye doctor said that he has an eye tumor. They think it is cancerous and that he is already blind in that eye and the retina is detached. Ben will be 2 years old next month. Rodney and Amanda are on their way now to see a specialist in Cincinnati. Please pray for Ben's healing and comfort for this dear family.

Amanda, I love you and am praying hard for B and your whole family.


First, thanks to anyone who is praying.

They determined that there is a thumb-sized cancerous tumor inside his eye- he was born with it and was never able to see out of that eye. They will do a procedure to remove the eye and put in an artificial one on Saturday. Tomorrow Ben is having an MRI to check to make sure it is confined to his eye, which the doctor thinks it is. He has one of the top specialists in the nation taking care of him, tons of people praying for him, and a great God who loves him. Please continue to pray for B and his family... it means a lot to me.

**MRI Update**

The cancer is confined to his eye! The doctor said there is a 98% cure rate with the removal of the eye. Praise God! The tumor had completely taken over the eye; they are going to remove it Saturday and he will get an artificial one in a few weeks. Please give praise to God and also keep praying for B and his family.

I love him :)
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