Thursday, January 5, 2012

Desmond - 6 months old

My little guy isn't so little any more! It's just crazy how time is flying by... Desy turned 6 months old last week! He had a checkup today... so here are the stats:

Weight: 14 pounds 4.5 oz ish (5th percentile)
Length: 24.75 inches (4th percentile)
Head: 43 cm (26th percentile)

So he's doing a little better weight-wise, dropped a little on the chart length-wise. Regardless, he's healthy and that's what we care about. No worries!

What Des is up to:

-He's sitting up! He's getting more steady and can sit up for longer, but still not well enough to leave him by himself without any support... because he will fall over.

-He can roll over both ways- in the picture above he rolled to his belly by himself. He really doesn't roll very often... not sure if he understands the whole concept. But that's ok.

-Sleep is a struggle at the moment. He got all messed up from travel+stuffy nose, so we're still battling that, but I added to the issue by deciding that it's time that he learned to sleep in his bed without being in the car seat or being swaddled (it seemed to be making him mad). So yeah. He's mostly falling asleep fine even for naps, but not sleeping as long and has been getting mad and crying a lot during the night. Not sure what to do about that but stick it out. So that's the plan. Hope things improve quickly... I'm tired!

-Des loves to smile and make friends. Sometimes he sticks his tongue out instead of smiling.

-I started giving him baby food a couple days ago! He loves it. So much different from when we tried a month or two ago. He chomps right down on the spoon every time. So far he's had rice cereal with formula a few times and squash once.

I just wanted to show off Desmond's Christmas present from Nathan and me. We made him an origami star mobile! I just bought a photo clip mobile online, and then we made the stars. I was worried because the instructions looked really hard, but once we figured it out it was pretty easy. I really like how it came out :)

Just for kicks, I want to give you a comparison between Orion at 6 months and Des at 6 months! I even (accidentally) took their picture in the same outfit! Some people say they look just alike and some say they look nothing alike. I think they look totally different, but like brothers :)



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