Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new year

Happy New Year! ...a few weeks ago! We had a great Christmas with our families and New Year's with our college friends! It was so nice to see everyone- it seemed like we'd never left :)
Above are all the guys.

Eliana practicing being a big sister (her little brother Isaac was born a few days later).

Desy the cowboy!

I wish we and our college friends lived closer together.

I got a fancy-pants new camera for Christmas (Canon EOS Rebel T3 if you care) so I've been having lots of fun with that! We went with some of our family to Cox Arboretum the first week of January and had fun walking around and taking pictures. It's really beautiful there- I can't wait to see it in the spring!

Last week (?) Nathan and I took the boys to the park and O had a blast! It was chilly but still unseasonably warm. As pretty as snow is, I'm honestly kind of enjoying the not-frigid weather.
I guess I haven't really written about Orion for a while. He talks all the time, often in phrases. His pronunciations are getting better so it's a little easier to understand what he's saying. He's still crazy about cars, and loves toy cars, the Cars movies, and real-life cars. Orion also loves letters and numbers. And running around like a crazy person, especially if he's being chased.

He's been inconsistent with naps lately- I'm worried he's trying to drop his nap already- but still sleeps great at night. We want to transfer him out of the crib soon, but I'm kind of dragging my feet on that one.

As for Desmond, he's sitting up pretty well, but not well enough to leave him unattended because he'll undoubtedly fall over. He's rolling over really well. He loves to play.

He's eating solids at every meal and enjoying everything I give him. So far he's had squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, sweet peas, and carrots. We often mix in rice cereal. He's a good eater!

Sleep is NOT going well. At all. I'm trying to get him to take 2 naps a day instead of like 5, which seems to be going well except that the naps aren't as long as I think they should be. Night time has been terrible lately. He's been waking up every couple hours and crying a LOT. I am trying to do some sleep training because he's fully capable of going more than a few hours without eating at night, but it's hard. I'm going to read a book I haven't read before today/tomorrow, so hopefully it'll have some helpful tips.

I actually ran yesterday for the first time since October!! My running band was completely dead from disuse. Ha! It was so warm that I thought I better take the chance and get out there (and break in my awesome new running shoes!). I did pretty well- I ran about a mile with a short break toward the end. It was SO windy... oh my goodness. The last leg was INTO the wind and it was crazy hard. That's when I had to take a break and walk for a minute. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how I did.

I'm pushing myself to start running again because I think I've gained back a couple pounds :/ So I have 8 or 9 pounds to lose. I need to get myself organized and motivated to get this DONE!
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