Thursday, February 2, 2012

Desmond - 7 months old

Desmond turned 7 months old a couple days ago! I used to be so good at posting these on the day OF, but not so much any more :P

Desy has been doing great. He's sitting up better, rolling all over the place, and learning to jump. He loves to swing and be tossed in the air. His favorite toy is a spoon.

He eats 3 solid meals a day: fruit with rice cereal for breakfast, veggies and sometimes fruit for lunch, and veggies and meat for dinner. He likes everything except green beans... we'll keep trying. He's even had fresh avocado. And he likes to suck on fresh fruit.

Sleep is ok... he's doing better but not great. Still eating at least once per night. Often twice. But still an improvement over what he was doing. I want to try to cut out one of those feedings soon... but 2 a.m. willpower often eludes me.

I'm wondering when he'll start getting teeth... I'd think it would be soon. Sometimes when he's grumpy I wonder if he's teething, but it's hard to say.

For someone who was SUCH a laid-back newborn, Desmond sure is wiggly and curious now. He always wants to see what's going on and grab everything in sight. He also gouged my face the other day with his talons! I have three big scratches on my face! Bad baby!

I love him anyway. He's getting so big...
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