Sunday, May 13, 2012

Desmond - 10 Months Old

My little Desy is already 10 months old!  Actually 10 1/2 by now because I stink at blogging now-a-days.  He is so good about smiling for the camera :)  Wow, he looks really grown up in that picture.

This is his new trick- pulling himself up to stand!  This picture is actually of the first time I ever saw him pull himself up.  Now he does it all. the. time.  He's even starting to cruise a little bit.

Desmond is still army-crawling, but he's really fast so I don't know if he will do the hands and knees thing or not.  

Desmond has SIX teeth! He got the last four all at once, poor baby.

He has done great with sleeping through the night (with the exception of last weekend), but has been getting up (and thus getting Orion up) at around 6:30 every morning :(

Desy and Orion have actually been playing a little bit... I will have to try to post a video.  It's so funny and makes them both laugh.  I'm excited that I (finally) got a new phone that can take videos and good pictures so I can catch cute moments any time!

Desmond eats SO MUCH.  I'm scared how much he will eat when he's a teenager!  Most meals if we didn't cut him off and stop feeding him I think he'd keep eating and begging for more forever!  He's eating a lot of "people food" and less baby food. 

Me and my doodle bug.  If you're not on Facebook or don't see me in person, I just got my hair cut :)

Also if you're not on Facebook or local, you may not know that my sister-in-law, Rachel, is engaged!  She and Jake and getting married on September 2 of this year at Cox Arboretum. I'm very happy for them.

She asked me and our sister-in-law, Emiley, to photograph her wedding!  So I'm selling things on eBay and saving up to buy a new lens for my camera.  I'm excited!

As a very late follow-up to my last post, Orion's leg is A-OK.  I took him to our family doctor a couple days after going to the ER because he was limping so badly, but everything checked out great.  We really don't know what was wrong.  As least he's fine now!!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other mothers out there!<3

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