Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Orion's 3rd Birthday!

 My first baby turned THREE last week! I can't believe how big he's getting.  It's amazing how much he talks and understands and figures things out.  He's a super cool dude.

Orion got to have three celebrations for his third birthday!  The first was at his Nana and Papa Jones' house a couple days before his birthday.  He had an awesome cake and lots of presents (mostly of the wheeled variety).  He had so much fun staying with his grandparents while Nathan and I traveled to Michigan for a day and a night to visit friends and go to a Five Iron Frenzy concert!  I wish we could have made that weekend much longer!

Second was his actual day-of-birth, November 19.  This is O and me waiting to leave.

We took the boys to a place called Jump and Jack's in West Chester.  It was so cool! They have tons of things to climb and play on, and even a special room just for toddlers.  The boys had a blast! Bonus: it was only $4 to get in! I had a buy one get one free coupon, but still- what a great deal!

 Third, our Lambes birthday bash!  Here's the cake I made for Orion... diggers, of course ;)

We decided to have his party at Chick-fil-A! We got a big tray of nuggets and some fries to share.  It was so yummy and a great way to party.  The boys got to play in the play area after dinner too!

I think my little buddy had a great birthday :)

A few things about Orion:
-Obviously he loves diggers, cars, or anything with wheels.
-His current favorite movies are The Very First Noel, Wallace and Gromit, Auto B Good, Finding Nemo, Puss in Boots. He also loves watching his daddy play his Star Wars game.
-Favorite game is Bad Piggies.
-Favorite songs are ABC's, Count Your Blessings, and the Doctor Who theme.
-He's obsessed with phones/tablets/whathaveyou.
-He adores his mama.
-He is totally potty trained! It was so easy. I don't even have to ask him to go any more- he tells me! It's fabulous.  He hasn't had an accident in ages.
-He is -mostly- really nice to his brother. And he puts up with a lot. They have been playing together more and I love it.
-He is a very picky eater, so I'm always surprised when he eats well.  The child could live on yogurt and apple juice alone and be a happy camper.
-He likes to feel like he's helping.  He's especially good at helping his Ra (Robin) make baked goods... and test them out ;)
-He loves to jump, run, be chased, and scream (trying to put an end to that one!!).
-He loves all things sugary.  Who doesn't?
-He just learned to do somersaults!
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