Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanksgiving and beyond

 Once again I've gotten behind on updating the blog! It's almost like I'm busy or something.

These are pictures from our Thanksgiving celebration at Nathan's Uncle Wendell and Aunt Sue's house.  It's a magical place... a farm on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere Ohio.  Everything is kind of cobbled together and there are old toys everywhere (they fostered around 100 kids, I believe).  The boys had a blast running around and playing with the toys and the dogs.

 I got to take some pictures of the baby girl that Nathan's Aunt Chris just adopted.  She was so sweet.  Also some with her sister.

And then our post-dinner hike up to the cabin.  

Now for some other random pictures from life.  Allie made Orion some hot chocolate, and for some reason he decided that Grandma needed some too.  So he and Allie made her some and he carried it to her, and then he went in the kitchen and pulled a chair out to the living room so he could sit with her.  So sweet :)

Speaking of Grandma, she went to the hospital on Sunday because of a supposed stroke, but all the tests came back clear, so the doctors think that maybe she had a bad effect from her blood pressure medication (her BP was super low when she had her episode).  She's home and doing fine now.

Here's our 2012 Christmas tree! Orion picked it out.  It's so pretty.

Orion and his friend Ben playing with B's daddy's phone at the preschool Christmas party at church :)

Our sweet kitty Charles was killed by a car about two weeks ago.  We took it pretty hard... he was such a good kitty and Orion's best friend.  I'm thankful that Orion hasn't said anything about it and that he still has our other cat, Bill, to play with.  We found out this year that I'm allergic to cats, so we might never have another (indoor) cat, which we're really sad about.  The picture below is an oldie but a goodie.  That's Orion snuggling his kitty, "Chwawles."

I don't know if I posted anything about it on here, but I had hernia surgery about a month ago.  I had a very small umbilical hernia, and the doc recommended that we repair it right away because it'll only get worse, and there's a smaller chance that it'll come back if I get it fixed while it's small.  I actually had a great surgery experience- the nurses were super nice, they numbed my hand before they put the IV in (best idea EVER), and I was sedated so I got the benefits of sleeping through the surgery without the grogginess, confusion, and other complications of general anesthetic.  I was very sore for about three days, but since then I have felt great, and the (very small) incision has healed up great.  I'm happy it all went so well.

 The weekend after my surgery we went to a Five Iron Frenzy concert in the Detroit area!  FIF is Nathan's favorite band (it's a 90's Christian ska band......), and they broke up years ago.  But they recently came back from the dead and we jumped at the chance to see them live!  My college roomie, becca, lives very close to the venue, so we stayed with her, along with our friends Ben and Jennifer.  Geoff came too (We stopped by their place on the way so we could see Amy and the babies)!  The concert was SO much fun, and we even went out for milkshakes and fries (burgers for the boys) afterward.  Gotta love college flashbacks.

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