Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmastime is come and gone

 The weeks before and after Christmas were crazy as usual!  The Wednesday before Christmas we had our youth Christmas party at HBC. Our theme was pajama jammie jam (translation: pajama party), so Nathan and I built the world's biggest (and coolest) blanket fort, complete with twinkle lights. It was super awesome. We served freezer food like pizza rolls and mini corndogs for that authentic sleepover feeling.  I think the youth really enjoyed it :)

The Sunday before Christmas Nathan, Orion, Desy, and I drove down to Allie's house in Nashville.  She had to work Christmas night so we came to her this year (though by some miracle she got to stay home Christmas Eve night when she was scheduled to work!). It was too short a visit, but we had such a nice time seeing the family.  It was a FULL house! Check out our stockings.  You should have seen the massively overflowing tree.  Here are some pics from Christmas morning!

We got Des a teddy bear- he loves it :)

The t-shirt quilt we made for Robin (upon request)

The kids demanded a bath so they could play with Desy's new bath toys

The pictures we made for Allie (and my dad), one of which...erm...broke.  Will fix soon :P

 Awesome aunts and uncles :)

Aaaand then I forgot my camera at Allie's house, so I will have to nab pictures from our other celebrations when I can get them.  We had a great week at my parents' house, and then spent New Year's in Michigan celebrating with college friends.  We did a crazy amount of driving, but it was worth it to see almost all of our friends and family! I love you guys :)
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