Thursday, August 8, 2013

Farm Fresh

Well, backyard fresh.

Look what we found in our chicken coop this morning! Our first beautiful brown eggs! I wasn't expecting our hens to start laying until closer to fall, but obviously I was mistaken! Aren't they pretty?

They're smaller than the eggs you buy at the store (because they're young chickens) and have teeny little yolks.

And they taste... like eggs. Ha! I don't think they're super special or different than store-bought eggs, but they're as good as any other egg I've eaten! They are supposedly better for you, though, because of the extra vitamins and minerals the chickens eat when they forage. And I use un-medicated feed.

"The Ladies," as Nathan calls them. They're really big now! It would have made for better pictures to let them out, but I've already rounded them up once today and that's enough ;)

When I went outside to take pictures just now, I found another egg! Thanks, chickies!
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